November 4 Update

Although we haven’t seen any improvement in Brandon’s symptoms, he has been able to rally a couple of times to take part in special events this week. He made it out to trick or treat with Avery for a short while on Halloween.

And he had some special visitors come by his house on Thursday with a meaningful gift signed by Patrick Mahomes!

Thank you so much to Mollie and Scott and anyone else who played a role in getting this done. It was so great to see Brandon smile.

We had a Christmas dinner yesterday, although Brandon was only able to eat a few bites. Brandon is still a child when it comes to Christmas, so the tree is already up at his house. Bryan made sure that the lights were up outside in time for dinner as well, and we are so appreciative. Two of Brandon’s neighbors decided to join in and put their lights up as well, which is very thoughtful of them!

Thank you to each and every one of you who has taken the time to deliver food, offer to help in any way, coordinate special events, and many, many more things. This is a very difficult path for our family, and it helps knowing you are there.

12 thoughts on “November 4 Update

  1. Brandon, I have to tell you that Cory & I were talking about how much fun we had with you as our supervisor at Teva when it was just the three of us downstairs. We talked about the comments between you and Cory, the KU vs MU comments. We talked about Micah dancing and Cory asked if he was a male stripper….that got me all upset that he called my son a male stripper. We had so much fun, laughter and great times with you. My supervisor that was my son’s friend. Best of times. Thanks so much for the memories and fun….will hold it so close to my heart. Love ya dude!!!

  2. Brandon, You are one amazingly strong person, an amazing dad, and an amazing colleague! We are sending many prayers your way, you and your family are in our thoughts. Keep up your bright spirit, your positivity is contagious!

  3. Brandon, you are just amazing! Happy to see the smile with the jersey! Go Chiefs. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. My messages keep disappearing! Perhaps they are written on the wind! 🙂
    This weekend we are going to put lights up in your honor as well, Brandon! Keep strong, we all love you!

  5. I love that you love Christmas. That’s something we have in common. When I used to work for Hallmark I would keep my tree up throughout the Spring to display the new ornaments because I would invite my customers to my house to sell and write their Christmas orders. I heard some kids walking by one day around Thanksgiving, as I always put my tree up early, and one of them said “Look! They have their tree up already!” And the other one said “Oh, they keep it up all year!” It must have seemed that way to the neighbors. Hahahaha. God Bless You, Brandon, and May God give you and your family that special kind of peace beyond all understanding that only He can give. Love you, Aunt Marilyn.

  6. Hey Bud Just wanted to let you know I’m Thinking about you each and every day, passing my strength and all I have to you through positive thoughts, Miss you my friend stay tough.

  7. Brandon, I just want you to know that I’m thinking about you every single day and sending all of my love to you and to your family, always.

  8. Brandon, we are thinking about you and your amazing strength. We love that you were able to enjoy your family Christmas dinner and all of the decorations. As we put up our holiday ornaments in just a few days, we will say a prayer for you. We are sending you our love and God’s blessings each and every day. ✝️??
    Aunt Sharyn and Uncle Mike

  9. I absolutely love the trick or treating with Avery picture! The Chief’s cheerleaders pic reminded me of Red Friday at Teva! I’m glad Christmas is starting a little early for you this year with dinner & lights at home & in your neighborhood! All of my love & support & thoughts are with you & your family daily.

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