November 8 Update

Brandon is sleeping most of the time and not able to talk much. If you’ve tried to text or call him in the last couple of days, that’s why he hasn’t responded. He seems comfortable now, after a day or two of being restless and uncomfortable. He told his nurse this morning that he’s not fearful of what lies ahead.

Please keep him in your prayers as he travels the road to his eternal home.

28 thoughts on “November 8 Update

  1. I met Brandon when I was only 14. I loved that our paths crossed later on as adults and I got to see the amazing man he became! His legacy is irreplaceable and will always live on through that beautiful lilttle life he created. My thoughts and prayers are with all the lucky ones having the blessing of his grace in our lives!!

  2. We are so proud of you and your family Brandon. Hope you are sleeping peacefully with wonderful thoughts in your mind. Love to You Brandon.

  3. My prayer is for a peaceful passing for you my friend. Go with God and thank you for what you gave to all of us here.

  4. Hold My hand, and walk joyously with Me through this day. Together we will savor the pleasures and endure the difficulties it brings. Be on the lookout for everything I have prepared for you: stunning scenery, bracing winds of adventure, cozy nooks for resting when you are weary, and much more. I am your Guide, as well as your constant Companion. I know every step of the journey ahead of you, all the way to heaven.
    You don’t have to choose between staying close to Me and staying on course. Since I am the Way, staying close to Me is staying on course. As you focus your thoughts on Me, I will guide you carefully along today’s journey. Don’t worry about what is around the next bend. Just concentrate on enjoying My Presence and staying in step with Me.

    Jesus Calling devotional.

  5. My heart is breaking. I’m glad to hear he is comfortable during this time. Keep taking to him and read him any and all messages! He can still hear you! Give him my love! Love you all! He has such a wonderful family! Love you all!

  6. It’s ok to give permission to go. We will all meet later. It’s been fun having you as a friend to my sons and I, thank you. Until next time my friend… remain in peace.

  7. Love and prayers and peace. We will all meet again in heaven. You have truly been an inspiration all of the five small years that I have known you! God be with you and your family! Love you!

  8. My heart is breaking for your family! Praying for all of you during this incredibly difficult time.
    Much love to you all, ❤️

    The Hicks family

  9. Brandon, this hurts my heart? I”m praying for peace for you and your family. I know all to well the feeling of loss, so I just pray for peace and comfort for you all. I love you B, thank you for being my friend.

  10. G’day mate,

    I will honor you until the end of my days.

    You have always listened to me at work and let me talk about issues that troubled me.
    Always steered a path I could walk and it was the right way.

    There is no Justice in what is happening. But you have never complained.

    I remember your bravery and steadfast courage and friendship.

    Fare thee well into the night, my friend.


  11. Sending many prayers, hugs, and most of all – love. May His Love and the love you have for each other live on in your hearts, always. ❤️

    For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

    Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Romans 8:38-39 (KJV)

  12. i remember a time when you asked me where i played baseball back in middle school. when i told you raytown little league you chuckled. that kind of pissed me off. you were our lead-off man in high school and you were clutch!!! i remember you and i chalking our home game’s foul lines at robinson and it was not always perfect but we made the best of it. you are hands down one of the strongest individuals i know. love you whetsel

  13. G’day mate,

    I am thinking of you and your family tonight.

    You should tell Kristen the time you and I looked up batteries at work….heh!

    I just wanted you and the family to know you havent left my thoughts.


  14. Kristen- my heart is broken at the thought of what you all have been through. Life really isn’t fair sometimes. I’m so glad he was able to make it in to Libby that morning and we were able to meet him. Praying hard for you guys that you are able to find some comfort and peace both now and in the days ahead.

  15. Brando,
    You are the strongest person I know and your unwavering positivity has made me a better person. I promise to honor you by always looking on the bright side & not sweating the small stuff. I also promise to find the humor in everything and think of you. You are the little brother I always wanted. Thanks for all the great memories I get to cherish forever?Thanks for always making me laugh, even when I didn’t want to. We’ll make sure your girls are always taken care of, so don’t worry about that. Thank you for being one of the best friends I’ve ever had. You will remain forever in my heart. I love you. Fly high. Godspeed my friend.

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