October 31 Update

Brandon is settling in with hospice. The nurse comes daily at this point, and she is fantastic. She’s a compassionate, friendly, genuine person, and he really likes her. That’s such a blessing for all of us. Brandon’s pain level seems better at times, but they would like to see it diminished further. He’s very tired, and the number of medications he’s taking adds to that. The nausea is still an issue, and the nurse is trying everything to get that under control.

Kristen began her leave from work to be home with him this week. His hospice nurse was very worried about him being home alone, and we had been trying to juggle our schedules to have one of us there as much of the time as possible. The meal train also started this week, and that’s been a huge help for our family! Sometimes you don’t realize how taking just one thing off your “to do” list helps, but not having to think about what to put on the table for dinner is much appreciated.


9 thoughts on “October 31 Update

  1. Saying Prayers everyday for peace and comfort I’m so glad he’s got a wonderful nursexperience. As someone with chronic issues I knowas how much that helps . Megan and Liz

  2. Brandon, you are my hero. I have always had so much fun with you and will always hold you dear to my heart. Praying for you and your family. Love ya man.

  3. Blessings and love. Thinking good thoughts for you and family. Struggles are real and you have to be the strongest young man I know. There is light to be had Brandon and you have and do shine on all of us.

  4. Brandon, I am so glad you have a wonderful nurse, and am glad that Kristen can stay with you too. Much love sent to all of you!

  5. God, reverse and restore. You are bigger than anything that comes at us in this world. Send your mercy and grace down from above. We pray for healing, Lord. We pray for your strength to be with Kristen in this time, as she comforts her husband.

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