September 18 Update

Brandon had a relatively “good” last couple of days. He was able to eat a little more (and keep more down), and he wasn’t in as much pain. He was talkative and engaged when we went for his chemo appointment this morning. He had lost a few pounds while trying to go back on TPN, but he gained a couple of those back as of today, which was good news. The oncologist is still concerned about his nutritional needs being met and would like for him to gain some weight in order to better tolerate the treatments. Brandon’s hemoglobin was low this morning, which was surprising because he didn’t seem as run down as he usually is when this is the case. So instead of doing the chemo today, they decided to give him two more units of blood and wait another week to see if he can continue to eat more food, drink more protein drinks and maybe gain another couple of pounds before doing chemo again. Brandon says his appetite is good and is learning by trial and error what does and doesn’t sit well when he tries to eat.

We hope he continues to feel better as this week goes on and is able to get a little stronger before his treatment next week.

6 thoughts on “September 18 Update

  1. This makes me happy!! Maybe a Natty Light would do the trick! LOL You are in all of our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good fight! Love you guys!

  2. I bet it feels better knowing what will and won’t trip the nausea button! I’m glad to hear about Brandon. I think of him everyday!

  3. Brandon can you do medicinal marajuana for your appetite? I have a friend in your situation and it has made a huge difference in her nausea, appetite and she can sleep.

  4. I agree with Liz Walsh’s comment above. Cannibis has remarkable healing properties and you are worthy of some relief. The cbd and thc compounds in cannibis can help in so many ways. If you haven’t googled cannibis for cancer, please do… Also see “The Gerson Theory” youtube. Continued healing energy and prayers being sent your way my friend.

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