September 26 Update

It seemed like Brandon had a decent week last week. He didn’t have chemo, and he only had a couple of days when he had trouble keeping food down. He was able to eat more on most days, and with the help of the steroids he can take as needed, he was able to get out and run errands with his family on Saturday for a while. He was able to spend some time with friends at home on Sunday as well.

We had high hopes that he would have gained at least a pound or two when he went to the doctor yesterday, but instead he lost a pound (or just under a pound). The medical team gave him the option of holding off on chemo, but he said he felt like going ahead with it. They did reduce the dosage to be more in line with his weight now, and we hoped that would also reduce some of the harsh side effects. By the time yesterday evening rolled around, he was in bed and not feeling well.

Next week was to be his “off” week with no medical appointments, as they’ve decided on an every other week schedule for chemo now. However, since his weight was still down a little after having a week when he was able to eat a bit more, they asked him to come for labs and to see the doctor next Tuesday just so they can check in on him and give him fluids if he’s not feeling well. Let’s hope the chemo effects subside quickly and he’s able to get back to the most important task of getting some nourishment into his system.


7 thoughts on “September 26 Update

  1. Brandon I continue to keep you at the top of my prayer list. I hope you catch a break soon as you most certainly have earned one.

  2. It’s very common for a malnourished/starving person to lose weight initially when given a calorie increase. It happens often with eating disorder patients. It’s very important to increase calorie intake at a slow pace to avoid “refeeding syndrome.” It’s scary to see someone still losing weight on increased calories, though. Eventually the body will adjust & weight gain will happen as long as nutrition is increased very slowly & calories are retained. I’m thinking of you always, Brandon.

  3. Hey B! You were heavy on my mind today. Still praying for you bro and lifting up your family as well. Hope to see you on Sunday if time permits. Love u bro!

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