September 12 Update

We had hoped the TPN would be just what Brandon needed to gain some energy and strength. It turned out to  have just the opposite effect. He started it on Wednesday and was even more nauseous than he had been before by Friday. By Saturday, he barely had the strength to move from the recliner, and he couldn’t even keep water down. He quit TPN on Saturday night, and he had a little more energy/appetite on Sunday. He had friends over on Sunday, and he enjoyed being able to visit with them instead of being sick in bed all day. Monday and Tuesday were up and down, a few decent hours and some not so great hours, but nothing as bad as Saturday. Just back to what he’s been feeling like over the past couple of months.

The home nurse who monitors TPN came yesterday and took blood so they could check his labs. Once the results are back, the oncologist said he would talk to us about options going forward if Brandon cannot tolerate TPN. He has an appointment scheduled on Tuesday, followed by chemo, so if we don’t hear from him before, we will find out then. This is Brandon’s “off” week from chemo/appointments, so we’re hopeful he will feel well enough to just rest.

5 thoughts on “September 12 Update

  1. You’re stronger than you know, braver than you think, more loved than you can imagine. I continue to pray for you every day.

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