September 5 Update

Brandon was able to spend time with his family and some friends over the Labor Day weekend, although he didn’t feel all that great. He was able to eat a bit and enjoyed having everyone around.

He had chemo again yesterday, after a two-week break. So far, so good. He doesn’t feel fantastic, but he doesn’t feel as bad as he’s felt after some of the prior treatments. They decided to do one treatment and give him next week off instead of the two weeks on/one week off routine, and we’re hoping that helps him bounce back more easily.

He has the new port in place, and the agency handling his TPN is coming today to start that. He will be on TPN 24 hours a day this time, at least until he gains some weight and builds some strength. They’ve changed the formulation they are giving him, so he will hopefully be able to eat meals as well as take in the nutrition through his port.

Let today be the day he starts to gain weight, increase strength and feel better!

3 thoughts on “September 5 Update

  1. HI BRANDON! <3 ~ Just popping by to say hello and see how you're doing! You need a big ol hot dog from Kaufman Stadium to make you feel better dude! Please know you are constantly in my thoughts and always in my prayers. And how the heck did Avery turn 3??? WTH? Hang in there sweetie! Love you much.

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