August 30 Update

Brandon got fluids on Tuesday but wasn’t able to get the unit of blood because there wasn’t time to process the labwork necessary to order the blood that afternoon. He’s getting more fluids and the blood this morning. After that, he will head to interventional radiology to get his port. It’s an outpatient procedure but does require anesthesia. He should be in and out within a couple of hours. Say a prayer and hold good thoughts for him today. We are hoping for a speedy improvement once he is back on TPN. He will see his oncologist on Tuesday, and the plan is to do chemo again that day.

Once he’s finished with his appointments today, it will be time for birthday fun with Avery! She is three years old today!


7 thoughts on “August 30 Update

  1. Hey B, I continue to pray for you and your family, you all are fighting this battle together such a fine example. I pray for a break through for you and have positive thoughts things will work out. “Happy Birthday Avery!”

    Kathy S

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Avery!!

    I hope the port is in place. I’m glad you’re restarting TPN. I know it may not be what you want, but it sounds like it’s what you need. You can’t keep fighting if you’re starving & dehydrated. I’m thinking about you & hoping you start feeling stronger & ready for your next round of chemo.

  3. Brandon and family, I am praying for you and the health team that things will take a turn for the better! Happy Birthday little Avery!

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