August 7 Update

So much for Brandon having a week off between chemo treatments. He has been having an issue with what we think is part of the surgical mesh they used in his abdominal wall reconstruction last November, so we went to see the nurse practitioner yesterday. She wants him to see his surgical oncologist to get his take on what’s going on with that, so we have that appointment first thing Wednesday morning. She thinks something may have shifted due to the amount of weight Brandon has lost. She also had his CT scan moved up to today so the surgical oncologist would be able to look at it before he sees Brandon tomorrow morning. On top of having appointments three days in a row on his “off” week, he’s not feeling great. He’s having pain and nausea more often than not, and the extreme fatigue and weakness make the daily appointments difficult for him.

We’re not sure what the surgical oncologist will share tomorrow as far as scan results. He may just talk about what he sees relating to the issue with the past surgery, then we will have to wait until the appointment with the medical oncologist next week to hear what is going on as far as the cancer is concerned. Hopefully, he will share enough for us to have a good idea of what we will be hearing next week.

We are all praying for some positive news!

4 thoughts on “August 7 Update

  1. Hi “B” Just thought I’d stop by and say hello, I see your’e still fighting the good fight!
    I’m praying for a good report on next week,I’ll continue in prayer for you and your family, Avery is growing so fast!

    Brandon, just know you are in our thoughts and prayers talk to you soon.

  2. Even though we don’t work together anymore, I still think of you almost daily. I’m missing you & always hoping you’re having a good day. I’ll be thinking about you extra over this mesh issue & hoping it’s easily resolvable.

  3. Hang in there Brandon, we are all praying that the Dr. has some good news coming up for you! Thank you so much for whomever is providing the postings (mom?). We think about Brandon all the time!

  4. Prayers for you Brandon. Its not fair that you have to deal with this ongoing medical battle. You are a shining example of courage.

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