August 8 Update

After more than a year of praying for the best and preparing for the worst, we got some positive news. The power of prayer is strong. Brandon saw his surgical oncologist this morning after having a CT scan yesterday, and the doctor said Brandon is responding to chemo. The lymph nodes in his lungs that had been enlarged on the last scan had gone down in size. The volume of ascites (fluid) in his stomach caused by the cancer was less. Some of the volume of disease looked to be reduced. Some of the nodules had remained the same size. And there was some thickening of the abdominal wall, which is consistent with the disease but also consistent with the formation of scar tissue. However, none of the nodules or evidence of disease appears to have increased or grown in size. The doctor was pleasantly surprised by the response Brandon seems to be having to the chemo. Granted, they said from the very beginning the chemo most likely would not eradicate the disease, but they did hope it would stop the progression and even reduce the volume, and that’s what it seems to be doing.

This isn’t to say that Brandon is feeling any better right now because he’s still extremely fatigued and nauseous. But we feel that if we can find better ways to control those symptoms, he has a better chance of improving his quality of life. We have to find a way for him to keep more food down. The doctor suggested again that he try more protein shakes/drinks. He’s very malnourished, and he not only needs to eat more but also needs to make sure he takes in the right nutrients.  The malnourishment can cause some of the same symptoms as the cancer – fatigue, weakness, compromised immune system, and so on. This is a serious challenge in itself, but hopefully one we can overcome.

He has an appointment with his medical oncologist next week just before his chemo treatment, and he will discuss the results of the scan with us again and give us his thoughts and recommendations going forward. We are so appreciative of every one of you praying for Brandon and checking in on him, and we will keep you posted!


10 thoughts on “August 8 Update

  1. Praise God! Great news! I remember when this guy would burn his mouth at lunch because he couldn’t wait for it too cool down to get food in his mouth! Hoping you can get back to that soon! Anything you need you let us know! Love you Brando!

  2. Thank you Jesus. Great news. Keeping the power of prayer going for you, hope that you are able to conquer your favorite meal.

  3. Brandon you are in our daily prayers. Thanking the Lord for this report. Praying for the nausea to subside and for some weight gain. Praying the fatigue goes away too! You are loved!

  4. You are so brave and a strong young man to fight such a fight as this one. It’s not fair because you are a wonderful friend to so many people. I’m praying that God will place His healing hand on you, remove this disease, nausea and give you mental and physical strength. I pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  5. I am delighted to read this post. We continue to pray you have good days and healing. Is there anything we can do to assist in the protein shakes don’t hesitate to ask.

  6. Good news to hear. Thanks for updating us. Sending prayers and hugs. ???❤️

  7. Amazing news!!! Our whole Lifegroup will continue to pray for healing and strength!

  8. Outstanding news! Yay! Prayers will continue for the symptoms. Big strides are being made every day towards Cancer! This may be the best pathway until the 100% cure comes! Miss you Brandon and praying that there is a way to calm all the symptoms!

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