August 2 Update

Brandon had another chemo treatment this week and needed to get another unit of blood as well. After staying up for about 3 weeks, his hemoglobin was low again this week. He’s had a rough couple of weeks with chemo, but he’s moving toward his “off” week next week and hoping to feel better.

He was able to get out of the house a couple of times last weekend with his family, which raised his spirits a bit. We hoped the unit of blood he got this week would boost his energy level a little, but it doesn’t seem to have done the trick yet.

He has a scan scheduled prior to his next chemo/oncologist appointment a week from Tuesday, so we can hopefully see what effect this chemo has been having on his cancer and find out if we need to change or add to the treatment plan. Although he’s trying to take in as much food/nutrition as he can, weight loss continues to be an issue.

He is so grateful for the love and support he feels from his family and friends every day! Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers!


7 thoughts on “August 2 Update

  1. We still miss you, Brandon! Lot’s of love and prayers being sent your way. I am hoping that the cancer will be blown away. Looking forward to hearing about you always!

  2. Miss your face dude and sending you love and loads of prayers as we head into the weekend! May it be sunny and filled with Royals wins and smiles from your girls xo!
    Love ya Brandon.

  3. Miss you B, and always praying for you to get your strength and be well.
    I am so glad you still fighting and you still moving, you keep doing that , you have the best strong will, and you gonna be just fine.
    Sending love and hugs.

  4. Hi Brandon its Megan . I know how down feeling you can get having to deal with things day in and day out . You are in our thoughts anx Prayers everyday .

  5. Keep fighting even though Iā€™m sure it feels never ending. We are praying for amazing scan results!!

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