June 11 Update

Brandon has been trying to catch up on some rest today in between doctors and nurses coming in and out. They did decide to go ahead with another unit of blood today, and they took him down this afternoon for the procedure to draw some of the ascites so they can check to see if it’s a source of infection. Still trying to pinpoint the cause of the fever. He does seem to feel better than he did yesterday, so that’s good news.

5 thoughts on “June 11 Update

  1. Every little thing helps and glad you had some relief today. Think of you often and sending positive energy your way.

  2. Again, thanks for the updates. We are thinking of Brandon every day and still wishing good results in all that the doctors are doing for him. Sending our love ?

  3. Brandon you most definitely need something to go your way. You and your family deserve a break and positive news. Praying and praying more for you.

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