June 10 Update

Brandon went to the emergency room around 8:30 this morning because the fever had come back and he was just not feeling right. After numerous tests and spending over 8 hours in the ER, they admitted him this evening. It was a long and uncomfortable day for him because they left him waiting for so long with no answers and no medication. They tested for infections and pneumonia and ran an EKG. They were concerned with his high heart rate, in addition to his fever. They still aren’t 100% sure what’s going on, but they did find his hemoglobin was low again and he was a bit dehydrated, so they are giving him another blood transfusion and fluids by IV. He also has more ascites built up in his abdomen, and they are concerned about possible infection there. The doctor decided tonight to give a strong antibiotic by IV and perhaps run more tests tomorrow to check his red blood cell production. He said this could all tie in to his kidneys not functioning well and his body working overtime to compensate for everything he is dealing with. They also talked about draining more of the ascites and checking that for infection.

Hopefully, he will get some rest tonight after the stress and pain of today. Brandon is so strong to keep going through what he does and keep fighting.

2 thoughts on “June 10 Update

  1. He sure is strong! I am thinking of you all and praying for you. Thank you for keeping us updated!

  2. Brandon,
    I have started typing and stopped because I know that words aren’t adequate to express my compassion for all you have and continue to face. I sat in the same hospital. 7 liters were drained from my abdomen. I was terrified and that needle was no joke. I am praying for you Brandon. Praying for your strength, your relief, your heart and your cure. I pray for your doctors and nurses, their hands and minds, your family and loved ones too.
    I will wait until you are feeling a bit better and try to stop by. I am there a lot!

    May Angel’s surround you old friend!

    Ashley (Glasgow) Land

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