June 15 Update

We’ve been trying to wait until we have some news to post, but it seems like we are just stuck in a holding pattern. Brandon is still in the hospital. Some days he feels better than he does on others. They are running every test under the sun to determine the source of his fevers, but so far nothing has come back positive. This is actually a good thing because they have tested for just about every infection imaginable. They took some more cultures yesterday, and we are still waiting on the results. If those come back negative, the doctor said we may just have to assume they are “tumor fevers” and stay on top of them long term with Tylenol, just as you would any fever. Lots of tests and lots of questions, but no definite answers after spending almost a week in the hospital. While being in the hospital is no fun for Brandon, at least the doctors are being thorough and not just sending him home so he can end up there again in a couple of weeks for the same issue.

The doctor said today that he will most likely come home this weekend, although we’re not sure which day. After he comes home, he will have a follow-up appointment with the oncologist overseeing his chemotherapy to see about getting back on schedule with that.

Stay tuned, and thanks so much again for your thoughts and prayers!