April 18 Update

Brandon got to come home from the hospital last night. He looked like he felt a little better earlier in the afternoon yesterday, but he seemed pretty miserable when he got home last night. He will do intravenous nutrition at home, and it takes 12 hours (+/-) each day. He will see his oncology surgeon next Wednesday for reassessment to see if he’s strong enough for surgery. He is discouraged because he didn’t come home from the hospital feeling any better than he did when he checked in. This makes sense though because his current symptoms seem to be from the intestinal blockage – the pain, nausea and uncomfortable full feeling. Resolving the blockage is the only thing that will help with those. The nutrition he’s receiving should give him more strength, although he might not feel it while dealing with the other symptoms. However, his stay in the hospital did give his medical team the opportunity to go ahead with the PET scan, the GI scan and several other tests/procedures that gave them a clearer picture of what he’s dealing with. That was beneficial, even though it’s of little comfort to someone who just wants to feel better.

Your prayers and healing energy will help carry him through this next week (and beyond)! Brandon sends a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send cards and well wishes. He was touched last week by the huge stack of cards he received within a couple of days!


5 thoughts on “April 18 Update

  1. I’m so glad you were able to come home! I hope you can rest and build up your strength. Please let us know if we can do anything. Love you!

  2. I’m glad you’re home but sorry you’re not feeling better. I hope relief comes soon & that you’re well enough for surgery ASAP! I’m in touch with Maureen & Valerie & am wanting to visit whenever you’re feeling up for it, which I know unfortunately didn’t happen while you were in the hospital. I completely understand just not feeling up to it & hope you know that I think of you daily & am here for you via phone or in person. Love you, man.

  3. In our thoughts and prayers daily. Stay positive and think of joyful happy times to pass the rough minutes of your day. Need ANYTHING we are available.

  4. Hi Brandon, I’ve been thinking about you and praying. Just wanted to let you know you are being thought about all the time, even when you’re not here!

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