April 17 Update

Brandon has been receiving IV nutrition and fluids for the last several days in the hospital. While he needs the nutrition, it’s making him extremely uncomfortable. He says he feels full all the time, to the point where he doesn’t even want to drink water or juice, and he has abdominal pain. They took him for another GI scan yesterday to make sure he was clearing what he is taking in and that there wasn’t a total blockage. The good news is that he is clearing. We were concerned about that because if they had to surgically correct the intestinal blockage now, he’s not strong enough to do the CRS/HIPEC at the same time. His surgeon’s hopes are that he can go for 2-3 weeks taking in TPN (intravenous nutrition) in order to build strength for CRS/HIPEC, and they can correct the intestinal blockage at the same time.

The plan is for him to go home tonight or tomorrow, and a home health care agency will bring the equipment for him to continue to the TPN at home. Kristen will manage it for him on a daily basis, and the home health care people will come every couple of days. Just pray that he can tolerate this nutrition for the time it takes to get stronger and that he doesn’t continue to have the discomfort and “full” feeling he’s been having over the past few days.

4 thoughts on “April 17 Update

  1. Praying that you get stronger and have less pain. Praying also for the entire family who love you so much (which means your work family too!)

  2. Hoping he does respond to all of this and can feel more comfortable at home.
    We are pulling for you Brandon. Thanks again Tonya for these updates. ??

  3. Brandon so glad you get to go home. That alone will be healing just to be in your own house. Praying for you and your sweet family. Megan and I were glad to see you looking so good.

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