April 23 Update

Not much has changed over the past few days since the last update. Brandon continues to take in his intravenous nutrition and hasn’t been able to eat a “real” meal. He had a small amount of soup and bread yesterday. It’s increasingly difficult for him to keep his spirits up and hold on to a positive attitude, but he does his best. It’s a viscous circle of not having the energy to get up and move around, and not getting up and moving around weakens him more. The social isolation – not feeling well enough to go to church, take a walk around the neighborhood, visit with friends – is taking its toll as well.

We will find out on Wednesday what lies ahead. Your prayers and supportive thoughts and messages are much appreciated. He might not always have the energy to respond, but he does draw strength from each of you taking the time to let him know you care.

1 thought on “April 23 Update

  1. Brandon not a day goes by that I am not thinking of you and your family. I hope this beautiful day will provide you with some cheer. (and I hope those “notes to self” socks fit!) We miss you!

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