April 9 Update

We are concerned that Brandon might not be able to wait until after his April 25 scheduled scan to deal with the health issues he’s currently facing. The discomfort and nausea he feels after eating is unpleasant and painful, so he isn’t eating enough and losing a significant amount of weight. This definitely contributes to the exhaustion he’s battling. The intestinal blockage set this all in motion, and it could very well be the cause of his current symptoms. He’s called to see if they can move up the date of the scan so they can get moving on a treatment plan. Right now, all we can do is wait and watch and pray. He’s continuing to fight, and with God and his friends and family on his side, he can do this! He’s always needed and appreciated your thoughts and prayers, but they are especially important right now.

4 thoughts on “April 9 Update

  1. Prayers up! Sending all good vibes from the Beckerle house to the Whetsel fam! Love you guys!

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