April 12 Update

When Brandon called his oncology surgeon to ask if the PET scan date could be moved up, they said they wanted to see him in the office so they could do his vitals and have a look at him since he’s lost so much weight in a short period of time. Some of his numbers weren’t as bad as they’d expected, but his hemoglobin was very low, at the transfusion threshold. His kidney numbers had also bumped back up in the wrong direction. The kidney numbers could be due to dehydration, but they were concerned enough about the hemoglobin, along with his not feeling well overall, that they admitted him directly to the hospital. They started him on a unit of blood last night, and they plan to insert a PICC line and start him on a nutrition that way. They are also going to do some GI scoping and go ahead with the PET scan as an inpatient. We’re pretty certain he will be in the hospital until at least Monday, probably longer. They sometimes continue nutrition through the PICC line as an outpatient, but they said that he’d most likely need a couple of weeks of that before he’d be strong enough for any type of surgery. What type of surgery will depend on the results of the PET scan. They are going to take care of the intestinal obstruction at the very least. So things are a little up in the air, but at least he isn’t just sitting around waiting while feeling miserable.

He’s in the new cancer building at KU Med. It’s called Cambridge Tower, and it’s just north of 39th Street from the main hospital. It’s the brand new building he has been in for his last two hospital stays, and there’s a new parking garage right across the street. He’s in room 7121 (7th floor), and would be happy to see friends if any of you want to stop in.

Please continue keeping him in your thoughts and prayers!

6 thoughts on “April 12 Update

  1. My prayers are with you Brandon, and with the family. Brandon, keep your faith up! If there is anything that Brandon needs at all, or anything the family needs down at KU, please let me know and I will be there is a heartbeat! I am very close! 816-728-5540

  2. Love you Brandon! Once they full up your tank and get some nutrition in you you’ll feel 100% better. Hang in there. Miss your face! Maggie

  3. Brandon I am a friend of Sara’s and have been following your journey . Keep fighting and stand strong in your faith. God will give you strength and carry you through.

    My prayers for you fellow Meso warrior .


  4. Hea buddy hope you remember me i talked to your dad tonight and i want you to know i am thinking about you get to feeling better soon so I can maybe i can get up that way and see you I keep remembering all the fun times we had your mom and dad and Jeannie and me hang in there my friend and my thoughts and prayers are with you Jim

  5. Brandon, I’m sending healing energy and prayers your way my friend. The days are getting warmer and the sun is finally out. Reap the rewards of healing energy every morning as you watch the sun rise. Breathe in everything that is good and then exhale all that is bad. You can do this and we will help lift you in the down times. Keeping you lifted in thought and prayers.
    Momma Shell

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