March 27 Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that Brandon still isn’t feeling too well. He’s once again having more bad days than good. He’s very fatigued and has bouts with the chills on a daily basis. It’s very difficult for him to make it through an 8-hour workday. The doctor last week thought that perhaps he had come down with some type of virus on top of his other challenges because she didn’t have another explanation for the episodes of the chills. Please keep him in your prayers as we go through these next few weeks waiting for his next scan. Not only is this a tough time for him physically, it’s emotionally exhausting as well.

3 thoughts on “March 27 Update

  1. This post makes me cry. You’re so strong to be working this whole time, through all of this. It amazes me how you can still smile & laugh & work while you have to be so drained mentally & emotionally. I want life to be so different for you. I want a healthy life for you. I’m so sorry this is happening. I wish I had better words.

  2. Brandon, so sorry to read that you are not feeling well. I hate to hear this. I know its tough for you and your family. Hopefully you will enjoy the Royals game today! We all admire your spunk and fighting spirit.

  3. Go Royals! It is almost game time and I am tied to my computer! LOL!
    Missed you this week and I am thinking about you today, as always. I hope you feel good enough to dye Easter eggs and celebrate this holiday with your family. Take care of yourself and know there are so many people here who love you and say a prayer every day for you.

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