March 9 Update

Brandon is home again, although he’s still dealing with the intestinal issues. They released him yesterday and told him come back if he experiences worsening pain or nausea. He really hasn’t been able to eat much and does still have the full feeling in his stomach, but that should start to subside in the next day or so if it’s going to resolve itself. He feels better than he did when he went into the hospital, but he’s not feeling as well as he was last week. Please keep sending healing energy his way so he can get over this hump soon and get back on track with his recovery!

4 thoughts on “March 9 Update

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. We are definitely saying those prayers. We also send love to you All. ❤️
    We know he is giving all of this a good fight. Hang in there Brandon
    Sharyn and Michael

  2. Sending positive vibrations and healing energy your way my friend. Appreciate every sunrise and savor every sunset. We don’t realize how much energy we receive from the beauty of every passing day. If you take the time to allow mother earth to rejuvinate your energy, you will heal much faster and feel so much better in the process. Best wishes and much love to you and your family as you heal <3
    Momma Shell

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