March 7 Update

Brandon’s oncology surgeon thought waiting two months for the next scan would give him more time to recover from his last surgery and more time to “feel good” before facing the challenge of another surgery. Brandon’s body had other plans. He went to the emergency room last night with stomach pain and nausea and was admitted with an intestinal blockage. They believe the blockage was caused by adhesions left behind from the prior surgeries. The doctor said this is common after abdominal surgery, and it can resolve itself in many cases. They plan to keep him under observation and monitor the situation. He is hooked to an IV and can’t have anything to eat or drink at this point. Luckily, they brought the pain back to a manageable level fairly quickly. Once they see improvement, they will start to introduce liquids and then solid foods to make sure he is able to tolerate them again. If this doesn’t clear on its own, the first treatment plan would be to use a NG tube inserted through his nose and running down into the stomach to break up the obstruction. The final option would be to do surgery, which we are praying isn’t necessary. It seems to be a good sign that they are doing observation first and not going straight to the NG tube, so keep your fingers crossed!

Please say a prayer that this clears up on its own – QUICKLY – so he can be home with his family. And thanks once again for continuing to check in on him!


3 thoughts on “March 7 Update

  1. Brandon I am sorry to hear this. Hopefully it’s a bump in the road and resolves quickly. Prayers for you and your family.

  2. We hope you are feeling better soon. Still praying and so is my Sunday School class.

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