February 4 Update

Hard to believe almost a month has gone by since our last update! Things have been somewhat uneventful up until the last week, which is a good thing. Brandon had a follow-up appointment with his plastic surgeon last week, and he was released to stop wearing his binder and begin some light jogging. That was good news!

Avery came down with the flu last weekend, and it hit her pretty hard. She is still getting over it, but her fever is finally gone. Even though the whole family had flu shots, she managed to share it with Brandon. He tested positive for the flu on Friday and has been feeling progressively worse since. Since he’s limited on the medications he can take due to the kidney problems, he didn’t get tamiflu. His doctor did give him a kidney-safe cough medicine and told him he’d need to let it run its course. He could use your prayers to kick this flu.

Next up is his follow-up scan and appointment with the oncology surgeon. That is scheduled for February 21. It’s weighing heavily on his mind, and he needs all the prayers he can get as the date draws closer. Thanks for checking in on him and for sending good thoughts and prayers!


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