January 12 Update

Brandon has been back to work for a few weeks now, and the routine seems to be kicking in. All in all, he feels good and is getting back to most of his usual activities. His kidneys are hovering around the same levels they’ve been at for while, but we are staying positive that they will improve. He will see the plastic surgeon again in a couple of weeks and hopes to be released to do some light exercise. He doesn’t have the stamina he had before all this, which isn’t surprising, and he more than likely won’t be able to push himself the way he could before. His body has been through a lot, and he’s getting older.

Speaking of getting older, we will be celebrating his birthday this weekend! How things have changed since his last birthday. Brandon has definitely learned to refocus his priorities, as we all have. Our birthday wish is that this year is full of health and happiness for him!

Thank you all for continuing to check in on him and for keeping him in your prayers!

2 thoughts on “January 12 Update

  1. We second that wish for a much better year.
    ❤️❤️ Sharyn and Michael P

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