February 17 Update

Brandon is still getting over the flu, but he’s feeling better. The nagging cough is what holds on the longest, and that’s not fun when your stomach still hasn’t completely healed from a major reconstructive surgery.

He has his next scan on Wednesday. Please pray like never before that his scan comes back clean. This has been weighing so heavily on his mind (and ours as well). You don’t realize how just how much the uncertainty changes your day-to-day life until you face something like this. This cancer came out of the blue. There was nothing Brandon did to cause it, and there were no lifestyle changes he could have made to prevent it. We’ve lost family members and loved ones to cancer before, and while it was difficult, we’ve been able to wrap our minds around it. Brandon lost his grandma to lung cancer. She had smoked since her early teens. That didn’t make losing her easier, but we all understood what caused her cancer. We don’t understand with Brandon. It just needs to go away the same way it came. This scan has to be clean. Living a long, healthy and productive life is not an option for him. Having two major surgeries in one year is enough, and he needs a break. He needs to live his life like any other 37 year-old young man with a family to care for and share his life with. He needs to look forward to tomorrow, next week, next month with anticipation of what good might come and not with fear of this dreaded disease coming back.

Please send prayers and hold him close in your heart!

1 thought on “February 17 Update

  1. I will continue to pray for Brandon. God is in control and does answer prayer. You have a sweet family that shouldn’t have to go through this. Love and prayers, Aunt Marilyn

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