December 27 Update

Today is Brandon’s first day back to work. This feels like a step in the right direction, a step toward “normal” life again. He still has restrictions as far as lifting and activity/exercise, and he still gets fatigued, but he’s making progress. Being around his good friends at Teva should go a long way toward making him feel better.

His kidney numbers did go back in the wrong direction just a bit when he had his lab work last week. Not a huge change, but not the change we were wanting to see. They had gone down at the time of his surgery in early November to a point where we were optimistic, and they have crept up since. We need to get that trend reversed.

At the end of the day, we are thankful for the healing that has taken place and pray that we are finished with this cancer and that his kidneys improve. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers heading into 2018! We wish you all a happy and HEALTHY New Year!

3 thoughts on “December 27 Update

  1. Brandon,

    We wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful New Year as you all certainly deserve it. You remain an inspiration to all.

    May God bless you,

    Mark and Dolores

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