November 16 Update

Brandon had a follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday afternoon, and he removed the staples. He said things look good from his perspective, but he didn’t remove the drain yet that was put in place during surgery. He told Brandon to keep track of the drainage, and he would remove it when it was at a certain level for two days in a row. It was below the level yesterday evening, and has subsided even more today, so Brandon called to make the appointment to have it removed and couldn’t get in until Wednesday morning. It’s a nuisance for him to deal with, but not as much so as the dialysis port was. Among the many things he will be thankful for on Thanksgiving will be having the drain removed! He has another follow-up appointment late Wednesday morning with the surgical oncologist. We’re praying for and expecting a good report from him as well.

He’s still getting around slowly and has lingering pain, but he’s moving forward in the healing process. It sure hasn’t been easy for him. He did seem a little better today, and we’re once again looking forward to the day when the good hours outnumber the not-so-good hours.

Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers and checking in on him. He loves and appreciates all of you!

2 thoughts on “November 16 Update

  1. Brandon, I hope you get that drainage tube out soon! We all think about you every day, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will be praying for a good Dr’s report and for you to get back to your normal activities without pain!

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