November 11 – Home Again

Brandon went home from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. The pain had subsided enough that the doctors felt it could be managed at home. The plastic surgeon came in and talked to Brandon and Kristen before he was discharged and explained his part in the surgery in more detail. He also showed them pictures from the operating room. After talking with him, Brandon realized that the surgery was more invasive than he thought. He’s on restrictions as far as exercise and lifting for four months, and the basic recovery time will be six weeks. He said this morning that the pain was more intense during the night last night, but we’re sure that will come and go for a while. We are just hopeful that the recovery process continues in the right direction and he doesn’t go through the challenges he went through after his last surgery.

Thanks for checking in on him, and please keep praying!

3 thoughts on “November 11 – Home Again

  1. What a very bumpy road, our prayers will be continued for less pain and a speedy recovery. It sounds like since they were so very aggressive that they wanted to make sure, doubly sure that they got it all. If Brandon needs anything, please let us know at work. We can help with whatever he needs!

  2. Keep up the good fight cousin! Find comfort in knowing that you are loved. Find purpose in loving them back.

  3. We’re being positive thinkers about the outcome of this second surgery. We are thinking of you every day. Keep up your great attitude and continue to heal. Prayers your way. Love to you and your family. ❤️

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