November 20 Update

Brandon hit a bump in the road yesterday when the compression binder he has to wear around his abdomen caused some irritation and a rash. So not only does he have he pain from the surgery, but now he also has an itchy rash. Things never seem to go smoothly for him. He found out at his last appointment with the plastic surgeon that he will have to wear this binder through early 2018, and it is not comfortable for him. We’re looking into ways to make it more bearable though.

He’s still in a considerable amount of pain, and he’s only been out and about a couple of times since coming home from the hospital. He’s not up for a “fun” outing like dinner or the movies yet. The actual surgical recovery process was easier on him when he had the CRS/HIPEC than this one. But we have to focus on the end result, which will hopefully make this rough patch worth it.┬áSo let’s hold on to the faith that he will feel better soon and that the coming year will be a better one for him.