November 9 Update

Brandon is still in considerable pain, but he is taking steps in the right direction. Literally. He’s up and moving, walking laps around the hospital floor. He sits in the chair, rather than staying in bed, for several hours during the day. He found out this morning that a big reason why his pain intensified from the level it was yesterday is because his epidural came out during the night, so he wasn’t receiving the steady dose of pain medication he’d been getting since surgery. They decided to leave it out, rather than go through the procedure to reinsert it, so they’re now working out the new plan to keep the pain in check.

Aside from the pain, he seems to be doing well. We don’t know yet when he will be able to come home. That depends on how quickly they get the pain under control and how quickly his stomach is able to process his food. Avery has been able to visit more this time since he’s in the newer facility, but he still gets bored when we’re either at work or watching Avery and he’s there alone. We’re all hoping he comes home soon!

Our bit of good news for the day is that his kidney numbers got better again! Still nowhere near “normal” but inching in the right direction. Hopefully, getting these tumors out of the way has jumpstarted that process. Keep praying that this trend continues and that he comes home within the next couple of days.

3 thoughts on “November 9 Update

  1. Glad to hear you are up Brandon. You’ll get better a little bit each day. You are in my prayers!!

  2. Good for you, Brandon! Getting up and moving will really help. We are cheering you on over here!

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