November 7 Update

Brandon left the recovery room after 11:30 last night. It was a long surgery, but it seems to have been a successful one. The oncology surgeon was able to remove all of the tumors, and the plastic surgeon was pleased with what he was able to do afterward. After spending time in recovery, Brandon went to a room just two doors down from the one he stayed in after his surgery in May. But that was just for one night because they moved him early this morning to a brand new building that houses surgical oncology and neurosurgery, just opening for patients today. He is the first patient to stay in his current room and among the first to stay in the new building. The rooms are bigger and have a window with a nice view, and they are more family friendly and comfortable. At least that relieves some of the “gloom” of staying in the hospital.

Brandon said the pain is much worse this time than it was after his prior surgery. The doctor told us last night that he would expect that, so we weren’t surprised. They are doing their best to control the pain with an epidural and pain medication, and he is comfortable enough that he’s getting some rest. They haven’t gotten him up out of bed to stand or walk yet. He is on a clear liquid diet, but he hasn’t wanted anything other than water so far. His throat is still raw from the anesthesia tube. Once he starts moving around and getting some nourishment, we’ll know more about how long he will be in the hospital.

Thanks again for your comments, thoughts and prayers!

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    Several articles about Mizzou and Michael…Particularly liked – 11 predictions for college basketball’s 2017-18 season…Especially the number three prediction

    We are waiting to get you back in the game and off the sideline! (Sports metaphor)

    Take care, young man!

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