November 6 Surgery Update

Brandon is still in surgery, but we know you all are waiting for news so wanted to do a quick update. First of all, they didn’t actually begin the surgery until after 4:30. That’s part of the reason this update is so late. We just talked to the oncology surgeon, and he said they were able to get the known tumors with clean margins. He said one was bigger than anticipated, so he had to go into the abdominal cavity. The good news from this is that he didn’t see any evidence of disease within the abdominal cavity. He removed what showed on the PET scan, which he said was fibroid tissue.

Since he did have to do a more invasive surgery than he thought, the plastic surgeon has a more involved task in closing him up. They are using a surgical mesh to replace part of the abdominal wall. The oncology surgeon said this could cause him to have a more painful healing process. We’re not sure at this point what the recovery timeframe will be. We will be able to talk to the plastic surgeon when he finishes and may have a little more information then, but it will most likely be tomorrow when the doctors make their rounds before we really have a good idea of what to expect in the coming weeks.

One more bit of good news before we sign off for the evening…Brandon’s kidney values were a bit better today than two weeks ago. They hadn’t budged in a couple of months, so it was encouraging to learn they are still trying to get better!

Please keep him in your prayers. He’s got a rough patch ahead, but we feel good about the news we’ve gotten so far tonight!

3 thoughts on “November 6 Surgery Update

  1. Thanks Tonya, it is good to be able to check this site to see how he is doing. You are all dealing with stress and we are thinking of you too. Hang in there. Sending healing thoughts your way ❤️

  2. While I feel sorry that he has to go through all of this, I am happy that they think they got it all. I will pray for his speedy recovery and that his pain is managed well.

    Thank you so much ***Mom*** for keeping us updated!

  3. I will pray for his recovery to be pain free as possible and complete healing of his kidneys. Thanks for the updates.

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