October 24 Update

Brandon heard from KU this morning. Evidently, the two doctors STILL have not been able to connect, but the surgical oncologist here at KU wants to go ahead and schedule surgery for November 6. This would be another cyto-reductive surgery, but they would do it without the chemo bath since his kidneys can’t tolerate that. It would also involve some plastic surgery on the abdominal wall. The hospital stay and recovery period would be similar what he just went through in May. So at least we have a plan. However, we are hopeful that the two doctors will connect before the surgery date and the NY doctor will have more treatment options (in addition to this surgery or perhaps another type of surgery). Please send all your channeling energy to get these two doctors together for a conversation soon!


2 thoughts on “October 24 Update

  1. Brandon and family, I am praying for you guys everyday. In a beyond difficult situation for your family, you are handling it with grace under fire. What an example to all of us. Hoping for good talks between your doctors and a good outcome in what they decide.

  2. I’m reading every update & I’m here with support at every step. I hope the two doctors are able to speak prior to your next surgery. Thank you so much for the updates. I check daily!

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