October 23 Update – Still waiting

Brandon was told he’d hear back from the KU surgical oncologist by Friday afternoon to let him know what the plan would be going forward. However, the two doctors weren’t able to connect to discuss his case, and Brandon had a rough weekend of waiting. Here it is Monday afternoon, and he still hasn’t gotten the call. He did reach out to the nurse early today, and she is supposed to let him know when something has been decided. That’s where we are now.

In the meantime, Brandon is having his second of three weekly iron infusions this afternoon. Those wipe him out, so hopefully he will be able to get some sleep tonight. He hasn’t been sleeping well, naturally.

Please pray that he hears something soon because the waiting and worrying isn’t doing him any good. Thanks again for your support and for caring!

2 thoughts on “October 23 Update – Still waiting

  1. So sorry he is going through this. Sending all positive thoughts your way.
    Love ❤️
    Sharyn and Michael

  2. Lots of prayers being sent. I’m sorry you are having to wait, it’s the worst.

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