October 26 Update

We’re moving forward with the plan for surgery on November 6. The two doctors still haven’t connected, but we’re confident in his surgeon here and know Brandon’s in good hands as far as surgery goes. We did learn that his surgeon will be sending some of the surgical tissue for molecular profiling. Hopefully, this will help identify what type of treatment (chemo? medication? clinical trial?) they may use after the surgery to target his cancer. One of the oncologists we talked with said that they may be able to put him on a drug that isn’t specifically FDA approved for his type of cancer but may work for him individually. Of course, as we experienced when we were trying to get his first surgery approved with the insurance company, insurance most likely won’t cover the drug if it isn’t FDA approved for mesothelioma. We will cross that bridge if and when we come to it. At least they are looking into options they weren’t looking into before.

Keep praying and sending healing vibes his way! Some days are easier than others for him, but having a plan in place helps.

3 thoughts on “October 26 Update

  1. We continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Thanks for the updates.

    God bless you guys.

  2. Let’s get this surgery done & get you in recovery so all of that is over before the holidays!

  3. We are posting to our Friends once again to go to Brandon’s Go Fund Me page.
    We hope it will help. ??

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