October 18 Update

This rollercoaster ride just keeps going for Brandon, and it is not the fun kind! He had a PET scan this morning and a follow-up appointment with his surgical oncologist at KU. The doctor spent a little over 5 minutes with Brandon, and half of that time was spent in silence because he is truly at a loss for what to do next. He said the PET scan showed a possibility of mesothelioma recurrence in the abdominal cavity. He could do surgery to remove the tumors that were evident in the MRI, but he’s concerned about what could be in the abdominal cavity and what to do about that. He thinks it is way too soon to do another CRS/HIPEC surgery, and he wonders if there is another type of chemo they could move forward with. Brandon had hoped to leave the appointment today with a plan, whether he got good news or bad, but that didn’t happen. The surgeon is going to call the oncologist Brandon saw in New York and talk to him further to come up with a treatment option. We’re not sure if the treatment will be here or in New York. He’s supposed to call back by Friday afternoon and let Brandon know. Until then, we’re just praying and waiting.

2 thoughts on “October 18 Update

  1. Thank you, we will keep up the positive thought that the doctors will have a plan soon. Hang in there Brandon. We know this must be tough to endure. Also sending our Love ❤️

  2. Hang in there, Brandon, it must be very hard, but we are all pulling for you every day. I’m praying for you, your doctors, caregivers and family, that the best treatment strategy comes your way and whips this awful disease.

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