October 11 Update

Brandon’s oncology surgeon at KU decided to request a PET scan prior to scheduling his surgery. Brandon will have this scan next Wednesday, October 18, and then see the surgeon later that day to go over the results and set the date for surgery.

We also learned yesterday afternoon that his case was discussed again last Friday at the KU tumor board panel, and they are basically in agreement with what the doctor in New York told him. They recommended biomarker and oncogene testing as well. This will give the doctors treating him a better understanding of which of the newer treatments currently being tested and soon to be approved might specifically target his cancer. Our hope is that with the KU tumor board following his case and making recommendations and the doctor in New York overseeing his care, they will come up with a good plan for managing this going forward.

2 thoughts on “October 11 Update

  1. That’s promising news! It’s always reassuring when the experts actually agree with each other. 😉

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