September 22 Update

Brandon was scheduled for his kidney biopsy first thing this morning. And true to his past hospital experience, things didn’t go quite like we thought they would. When he got there, they told him the orders for the biopsy had been canceled, so he had to wait while they paged his kidney doctor and to figure out what happened. He finally went in a little later than planned, and they told him his surgical oncologist had also put in orders to biopsy the abdominal wall where he felt something earlier this week. Odd that no one from his office called Brandon to let him know they were doing this, but it means not waiting two weeks for the MRI they had scheduled. Thankfully, the biopsies were completed without any issues, and Brandon was in recovery by 10:30 this morning. After that, he waited in the recovery room until after 7:00 tonight to finally be taken to his hospital room where he’s to spend the night under observation. He said he has a little pain, but he feels okay otherwise. The doctors told him this afternoon that the biopsy results wouldn’t be available until next week, so we’re prayerfully waiting for those. The kidney doctor did come in later and tell him that they did not find permanent damage/scarring to the extent they thought they might find, which was good news. They still aren’t sure what is holding up the recovery process, but they are planning further tests with special dyes so they can try to get to the bottom of it.

We’re hoping Brandon gets a good night’s rest in the hospital tonight (which isn’t easy to do) and can come home early tomorrow. Then he’ll need to take it easy and rest at home this weekend.

Please say a prayer that the biopsy results from the oncology standpoint come back with positive news. With the kidney news we got today, we feel that we at least have a fighting chance with those. Brandon sends his love to you all appreciates your thoughts and support.

3 thoughts on “September 22 Update

  1. You and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers Brandon – you are an inspiration to us all.

    God bless you all,

    Mark and Dolores

  2. This is a good update! I’m sorry they haven’t gotten to the bottom of the kidney issues but it sounds like they plan to keep testing until they do, which is great. All the best for the abdominal biopsy results. I hope you get to go home tomorrow!!

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