September 26 Update

We are still waiting on results of the biopsy from last Friday. We do know from the lab results that Brandon is anemic, which is causing shortness of breath and fatigue. He’s scheduled for a procedure on Thursday to see whether this is a result of a completely different issue he’s dealt with in the past. They are also considering doing iron infusions for a few weeks to help alleviate these symptoms. All in all, he’s just having a rough go of it lately.

Please hold on to positive thoughts that the biopsy results and the results of the upcoming procedure on Thursday both come back in his favor and that we can get to the bottom of the kidney and anemia issues so he can start feeling better and stronger again.


4 thoughts on “September 26 Update

  1. Brandon you should have more energy if you get the infusions. My daughter has had many of them. Hoping and praying for good news. Liz Walsh

  2. So glad to receive these updates. Our thoughts are positive for him.
    Sending prayers too. ❤️

  3. Brandon and family,
    Let us know how we can help in any way possible. We are here for you! Love you dude!

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