September 20 Update

Brandon had two follow-up appointments today, one with the surgical oncologist and one with the kidney doctor. First, the surgical oncologist examined him and felt “something” at the site of the laparoscopic surgery he had when he was diagnosed. He said that sometimes tumors can hide in the laparoscopic site and not be reached by the chemo he used following his surgery, so he is sending Brandon for an MRI to see if he can determine what it is. (MRI because he can’t do the CT scan they would normally do since Brandon’s kidney function is still not good.) There’s a possibility it could be scar tissue from the laparoscopic procedure, so we are praying for that! The soonest he could get in for the MRI is October 3, and he will follow up with the surgical oncologist for results on October 4.

The kidney doctor said that his numbers had been EVER SO SLOWLY creeping in the right direction, but she’s not sure if they will continue to get better. They’ve pretty much leveled off in the last month or so. She wants to go ahead with the kidney biopsy she had considered doing earlier in the summer so we can find out for sure what is going on there. She said they will be able to tell if there is permanent damage/scar tissue from this procedure or if the kidneys are still plugging along, trying to regenerate. This is scheduled for Friday, and he will go in early in the morning for the biopsy and then spend the night in the hospital for observation afterwards. If all goes well, he will come home Saturday morning.

Please keep Brandon in your thoughts and prayers over the next couple of weeks as he goes through these procedures, and we’ll update this site with any results or news.

5 thoughts on “September 20 Update

  1. I appreciate all the love and support everyone is giving me during this rough stretch. I try my best to smile and keep on living life though some days are harder than others. You guys are the ones who get me through the tough days and I mean that with all my heart. I hope to win this battle someday and I also hope to return the favor to you all if ever needed. Thank you!!!!

  2. Thank you for updating. I see you in the halls at work & in the gym. I see you laughing & smiling & coming out to parties with us & running alongside me on the treadmills. While I certainly remember what the last months were like without you in some ways it now feels like you never left! I think you’re so strong & brave that sometimes I don’t even see when you’re having a harder day. This doesn’t mean I don’t still worry about you or appreciate every good day! Lots of positive thoughts are going out to you for Friday & the start of October in particular. All my support.

  3. Brandon you keep your head up and stay positive. The world is a better place with you in it. Lots of prayers and hugs!

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