August 21 – Eclipse Day

Brandon started his third week back to work today. So far, so good. Since going back to work, he’s taken Kristen to the first Chiefs preseason home game and  Kayleigh to the Royals game last Friday night.

Sometimes it’s still a struggle for him to keep from overdoing it and wearing himself out, but at least he’s able to do some of the things he enjoys again.

His last couple of labs for the kidneys were a little disappointing. Two weeks ago, the numbers were exactly the same as they were the week before going to MD Anderson. He had labs again last week, and the numbers had inched in the wrong direction. We hope that doesn’t become the trend and that they start going in the right direction again. He could definitely use your prayers and positive thoughts on that front. He’s at a little over 20% of normal kidney function, so he still has a long way to go.

On a positive note, at least it feels like he’s getting some balance now. Some good news and some not-so-good news, but better than it was when he kept getting hit with one challenge after another.

4 thoughts on “August 21 – Eclipse Day

  1. We’re still praying that kidney functions will improve. We have been watching your posts on Facebook too. Happy 2nd Birthday to Avery.
    Sending ❤️

  2. Brandon – You’re sitting right next to me at work now, but I wanted to write this down to remind you…there are still a lot of us here praying for you and would like for you to know that we all love you and hope those kidneys get better, and are praying that the cancer never returns. Some days you look so exhausted, it makes me feel so bad for you. On the bright side most days you look great, and you handle things with such stride. We will continue to pray on the good days and not-so-good! Keep strong and lean on your “family” whenever you need to!

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