June 27 Update

Today was Brandon’s appointment with the medical oncologist who will oversee his post-surgery care. She was aware of the tumor board’s recommendation for no chemo, but she is a little nervous about doing nothing and just waiting for the follow-up scans every three months. She said the chemo they would normally use after his surgery was not an option because it would be too hard on his kidneys, but she still wants to find out if there’s another option to do some type of treatment in addition to the follow-up scans. She is going to do more research to find out if anyone has experience treating this condition post-surgery in someone who can’t tolerate the chemo they would normally use. She is thinking perhaps a visit to MD Anderson or Sloane Kettering would still be advisable. There’s no current clinical trial that would address Brandon’s specific situation, but there may be doctors who have more experience with this. Brandon understands her point, and he agrees that it’s best to explore all avenues, rather than wish you had later.

He spent most of the day playing with Avery and taking care of things around the house. He still gets fatigued pretty easily, so he has to take time out to rest/nap.

As always, still praying for the kidneys to work themselves out. We have one more day before the next lab work.

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