June 26 Update

We didn’t get the news we were hoping for today from the kidney doctor. Brandon’s kidney numbers were up just a tad bit from what they were Wednesday during his last dialysis session. It wasn’t up much, and they are still down considerably from the highest point in the hospital. Now Brandon has to wait until Thursday without having dialysis and have the lab work done again. Again, we hope the numbers go down because that will mean he can have the catheter removed. The encouraging news is they didn’t increase the last few days without dialysis the way they were increasing while he was in the hospital, so there has to be some improvement with his kidneys.

We have to put all of our prayers and positive energy into getting him to a point where he can have the catheter removed and be finished with dialysis. He’s trying hard to get there!

2 thoughts on “June 26 Update

  1. I am agreeing in the Name of Jesus for whatever has to happen, to get the catheter removed.
    Also for Jesus’ peace and joy to fill your hearts while you are waiting.

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