June 28 – Post from Brandon

Hello! I want to tell all of you I appreciate all the support. Please keep the prayers coming. I am feeling better, but not even close to my old self yet. Let’s get this catheter out so I can start “recovering” and stop “treating” these nagging speed bumps in my life. Love all of you. I hope everyone has a fantastic day.

6 thoughts on “June 28 – Post from Brandon

  1. Hi Brandon. It’s good to hear “your voice”! Hoping that your progress continues and tomorrow is your Independence Day – from the catheter! Keeping those prayers headed your way!

    • Thank you, Donna. I am beyond ready to have my life back. It has honestly been more of a challenge than I expected. That being said, it could be a lot worse. I am on the correct side of the ground and I have a great support system. Everyone has been so generous with their support and I am very thankful.

    • Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate all of your very kind comments throughout this whole process. I read them everyday. I hope these kidneys start working and will see you soon!!!

  2. Hi Brando!
    Great to hear that you are feeling better!!
    Thoughts..prayers and positive vibes coming your way daily.. Fight On ?
    Love ya

  3. It’s good to hear from you!! Thinking positive thoughts for that catheter to come out! Miss you & hope you gave a good 4th of July!

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