June 25 Update

Brandon and Avery went to Waterfall Park to feed the ducks and went to the playground today before going to Coldstone Creamery. It was pretty exhausting for Brandon, and he had to go home and nap afterwards. They both had a good time, and it was fun for Brandon to get out and enjoy the great weather today with his baby girl.

Before going to bed tonight, please say an extra prayer that Brandon’s kidney numbers come back lower tomorrow so he can be finished with dialysis and get on with life!

3 thoughts on “June 25 Update

  1. Prayers sent! So glad you’re enjoying time out with the family. The world’s a better place with you here!

  2. Big prayers are still being said that the kidneys kick in fully and start doing their job. We are all thinking of you here and continue to pray and send positive vibes!

  3. So glad he is getting some quality time with the girls. We’re looking for even better news on Monday’s update. ?

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