June 21 Update

Brandon had dialysis this morning because the labs from Monday were never processed, so we don’t know what his numbers were before today. They did do labs again today during dialysis, and the numbers weren’t as low as we were all hoping for, but they are still trending down. We just need to find out if that’s due to dialysis or due to his kidneys kicking in and helping out. In order to do that, they’ve decided not to do dialysis on Friday and have him go to the kidney doctor on Monday morning for lab work. She will be able to see how he does after being off dialysis for several days and then decide what our next steps will be. We are very hopeful for a positive outcome!

Brandon felt okay again today, aside from some morning nausea that seems to be ongoing. That makes three days in a row, so that has to mean something is going right. With all of your prayers and thoughts and encouragement, we will get a good report on Monday!

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  1. Continued Prayers! Thinking of you & send you lots of Positive Energy & Good Vibes 🙂

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