June 22 Update

Brandon started the day feeling okay. Maybe not his best day, but not his worst either. We ran a couple of errands early morning. He started feeling unwell this afternoon. Again, he questions why he seems to have a good day or two, then things go downhill again. He’s going to call the kidney doctor tomorrow and see if he should go ahead and see her tomorrow instead of waiting until Monday or if he should go in for dialysis tomorrow instead of skipping it. Please pray that the kidney functions are still trending in the right direction. Understandably, Brandon is having a hard time staying positive.

2 thoughts on “June 22 Update

  1. Brandon we continue to pray for you everyday. Just remember to look in your daughter’s beautiful eyes to remember what you are fighting for.

  2. I’m sorry, man. It has to be so hard to take two steps forward and one step back. You’re still gaining ground, but the pace is slow and it’s hard to see it when you’re living in it. I’m hoping for a good weekend for you.

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