June 19/20 Update

We didn’t really have much “new” news yesterday except for the fact that Brandon had dialysis. He seemed to feel pretty well on the way to the appointment, talking the whole way. He’s been quiet lately, so it was good to actually carry on a conversation with him for more than 5 minutes. He spent a couple of hours in the afternoon watching The Office with Kayleigh. They are both binge watching episodes on Netflix. It was nice to hear them laughing together! He put a call in to the doctor to ask if he would need dialysis again on Wednesday or if he could get the catheter out, but he never got a definite response. Same today, he felt pretty well for a majority of the day, but we still didn’t get an answer about dialysis tomorrow. He will try calling again first thing tomorrow, and we will just drive out to the center if we don’t get an answer. That’s a little frustrating, but he doesn’t want to miss having it if he still needs it.

The news of the day today is that Brandon smoked chicken on the new smoker he got for Father’s Day. It was fun to see him motivated to do something new and put the stress and worries of the last month to the side for a while. A couple of good friends came over to help with the smoker and stay for dinner, and he was smiling and acting more like himself this afternoon. Another day when the good hours outnumbered the bad!


2 thoughts on “June 19/20 Update

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful details of Brandon’s day…..thinking of you and all of your family.

  2. So glad to read that the good hours are outweighing the bad ones. That is great news. We miss you here at work and are thankful that this site keeps us in touch. I loved reading that you used your smoker and can see that smile on your face. My thoughts are for more and more good hours and good days for you. I know you are putting in the good fight. Know that we are with you!! Hang in there kiddo.

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