June 9 Update

Today was another day of fighting the splitting headache and high blood pressure. Not a good day at all for Brandon. The doctors said again that they thought either high the blood pressure was causing the headache or the headache pain was causing the high blood pressure. He is still retaining fluid from the IVs, so they thought pulling some of that fluid during today’s dialysis session might help.  He was supposed to start his dialysis session between noon and 1:00, but he got bumped back to 4:00 p.m. Then 4:00 turned into 5:00. We did see a drop in the blood pressure after the dialysis tonight. It wasn’t a huge drop, and it’s still higher than it should be, but we’re hoping it continues to drop and takes care of the headache issue at the same time. At this point, they are still saying he will have one more dialysis session in the hospital tomorrow, then he will be released to go home and finish the rest of his dialysis as an outpatient. The key words here being “go home!” He is so ready for that. We wish he was going home feeling better than he does now, but we know that going home will be good medicine for him!

Our hope and prayer is that this dialysis will help his kidneys kick in quickly so he can focus on enjoying his life again!


3 thoughts on “June 9 Update

  1. Praying that “going home” will be the very remedy Brandon needs to turn the corner!
    lots of love

  2. Crossing my fingers that you get to go home today! Once you get some real rest and sleep I am hoping you will feel much, much better! Hang in there!

  3. Ughhh! Headaches can be pretty ugly and painful. Hopefully the dialysis will help now!!! I think of the family daily. Brandon, buddy, keep your chin up!

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