June 10 – Home at last!!!

The day finally came! Brandon had his last dialysis session in the hospital first thing this morning, and he was released to come home this afternoon. He still doesn’t feel as well as he was feeling a week ago, but he’s home! His kidney values have gotten better with the help of dialysis, but his blood pressure is still problematic. We just hope that the kidneys start helping out and keep the values going in the right direction over the next couple of days before he has outpatient dialysis again on Monday. The doctors are also hopeful that the blood pressure issues are tied to the kidney issues, and they will work themselves out at the same time.

Avery was so surprised to see her daddy come home, and she gave him the biggest hug! That alone should have lowered his blood pressure! Our goal and prayer for the coming week is that he finishes dialysis completely and gets the catheter removed so he and Avery can play together and he can feel like himself again.

9 thoughts on “June 10 – Home at last!!!

  1. Yay!! So happy for you!! Now you can get some real rest!! You are so strong! Hang in there. You’re doing awesome ?

  2. I’m so glad you’re home, Brandon!! It’s going to be awesome to sleep in your own bed & not have people poking & prodding you every five minutes & IV alarms going off keeping you up all night. Plus, no more hospital food!

  3. So happy to hear Brandon is home and the family can be together! Hopefully the real rest will speed the healing!

  4. Yippeeee! Such wonderful news!!!!

    Sending positive, healing thoughts your way,


  5. This is fantastic news! Brandon I am so glad you are home surrounded by the love and support of your family. Never question the power of that. We miss you and are all sending you our love and support.

  6. Brandon,
    We are very glad to know that you are home. It may be inconvenient to go to the dialysis place, but a good trade off for sleeping and resting at home. Keep up the fight, we know you will. Love
    Aunt Sharyn and Uncle Michael

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